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Mizuno S18 Wedge (Chrome)

Mizuno S18 Wedge (Chrome)


A mid-size, rounded profile, Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan for the ultimate in short game performance. In the higher lofts, weight shifted up the blade is visible in a thicker, bevelled topline – delivering more consistent spin rates on strikes from high in the clubface (common with more extreme lofts). Mizuno’s most loft specific wedge in every aspect (sole grind, profile, top line and groove depth) from the 46-degree pitching wedge replacement to the 62-degree lob wedge.

Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer
One of the keys to a good wedge game is controlling your spin rates – there’s no gain in making one pitch stop dead if the next one rolls out. On the shorter shots, we’re more likely to miss the sweet spot high on the face – which is a cause of inconsistent spin. The S18 is thicker higher into the blade, which evens out the spin rates on those common miss-hits.

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