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Mizuno JPX 900 Fairway

Mizuno JPX 900 Fairway


Ball speed for everyone, spin if you need it

A fairway wood that closes the distance gap on your driver. The JPX900 uses Mizuno’s expanding Shockwave Sole to produce prodigious ball speeds. With a centrally located, single sliding weight to make it playable for a surprising breadth of swing types.

Fast off the face - Mizuno shockwave sole enables the club head to contract and expand on impact – creating more energy than normal for a compact head.  The Shockwave also puts mass low in the head, so it works off the turf as well as the tee.

Convert mph into yards - A 15g weight can be fixed at any point on the central Fast Track to increase launch and spin rates for slower swing speeds, or to suit different course conditions.

Adjust loft and face angle - Mizuno quick switch system allows loft to be adjusted to a range of 4 degrees.

Easily launched - Mizuno removed weight from the crown (which is waffle shaped to maintain its strength) and placed it lower in the clubhead for an easy launch.

What Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer Says:

“The fairway wood is one club we all strike really differently. To be able to add loft, or move the weight back from the face makes the JPX900 incredibly versatile. Our tour players will generally take loft off their 3 wood to use it as a safe driver alternative – so being able to move a little weight away from the face for a touch more spin is even useful for them.”


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Mizuno JPX 900 FairwayMizuno JPX 900 Fairway