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Mizuno 2018 GT180 Driver

Mizuno 2018 GT180 Driver


More ball speed, more possibilities

The new GT180 is the ultimate fine tunable driver with the dual ability to squeeze every last yard from your drives and evolve with your swing. Built on a platform of faster than ever ball speeds the GT180 boasts an expanded range of draw, neutral and fade settings in low, mid and high spin flights.

Set the GT180 up to make the very most of the swing you have. Then tweak over the season to keep pace with your swing changes and conditions.

Bill Price, Custom Fit Manager Mizuno

With its wider range of settings, the GT180 can hold the key to squeeze out those last few seemingly unobtainable yards. Being able to fine tune your launch angle and spin rate is the final element in the equation to find your most efficient flight.

Amplified first wave
Pushes weight low and forwards for a flatter trajectory, in addition to creating more ball speed

Faster 1770 Maraging Steel Face
A thinner, more responsive face for increased ball speeds

17 grams of sliding weight
Creates a wider potential span of spin rates to fine tune your ball flight

Efficient low spin design
An Internal Waffle Crown saves weight to be reallocated low and forward

New shaft options
Expanded line of high-end shafts fitted without additional charge

Quick Switch Adjustable Hosel
Allows 4 degrees of loft adjustment and 3 degrees of lie adjustment to match your unique launch and visual preference

RRP: £429.99

Price: £399.97

Generic Hand
Shaft & Flex


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