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Cobra unveil new King F8 range!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cobra Golf have just today launched their brand new product line for 2018, the King F8 range, which takes over from the F7 range that launched this time last year. Cobra King F8 Range Unveiled

The King F8 ranges features two new drivers, the F8 and F8+, along with fairway woods, hybrids and both traditional and one length irons. Throughout the range, it appears Cobra are really pushing the boat out in terms of new technologies and innovation. They are perhaps to be seen as the first rendition of "smart" golf clubs... More on that later.

Cobra F8_driver_face_nardo

Starting with the driver, the F8 is the first driver released with a MILLED FACE. Usually only seen on wedges, irons and putters, Cobra claim their CNC Milled driver face allows them to produce a much more consistent face, finely tuned for optimised distance on both centre and off-centre strikes. Precisely milling the face also allows the face itself to be thinner, creating an exaggerated trampoline effect, as other drivers from TaylorMade and Callaway also offer.

They are stating this ground-breaking driver technology has "improved bulge-and-roll" to make the face 3% thinner and 10% lighter, again for higher ball speeds and accuracy.

Not only is the face improved, Cobra are introducing "360º Aero Technology". Basically, this means strategically placed polymer strips all around the driver to improve air flow and aerodynamics, allowing the driver head to swing faster with reduced drag. This is less groundbreaking for us - Callaway did a very similar thing working with Boeing on their airflow first seen on the XR16 Driver.

In terms of adjustability, we have the same MyFly loft sleeve, and weight ports similar to the F7, allowing to add either draw bias or extra launch. 

Looks wise, the titanium and carbon fibre composite crown bares strong resemblance to M1 and M2, however the Nardo Grey rather than white with the black crown certainly offers a stealth bomber type aesthetic. We are glad to see they have finally ditched the orange from this product line!Cobra King F8 driver address

The F8+ driver has a slightly smaller head size and shallower profile, aimed at the better player with faster swing speeds, looking for a more optimised ball flight rather than just a high and please don't slice type flight. Its weight ports are also in front and back rather than heel and back, allowing the better player to choose a lower launching option. This + model is what we can expect to see the Cobra Tour players such as Rickie Fowler using from now on.

In terms of fairways and hybrids, Cobra are sticking with the 360º Aerodynamics improvements, and have also decided to keep their very popular "baffler" style railings on the bottom of the clubs, which really do help turf interaction and vary in depth from club to club, optimising your contact. The + model fairway also has the weight moved forward rather than at the back, which again gives the better players that more penetrating flight.Cobra King F8-fairways

The new irons released alongside the metalwoods range are a mid-range, game improvement set, also stuffed with new tech features. F8 Irons have the all-new "E9 PwrShell Face",  a 20% thinner than previous models and forged face. This should offer playability and high quality feel, coupled with the forgiveness and distance of chunkier, game improvement irons. Cobra have followed the route of TaylorMade and PXG with this club: TECFLO Progressive Set Construction means the 4-7 irons are hollow bodied, (although sadly not foam injected), then the shorter, scoring clubs are cavity backs, with 2 speciality bladed wedges also available.Cobra King F8 ironCobra King F8 irons-tecflo

Now for the really cool part. I mentioned that these clubs are perhaps the first "smart"clubs. That is because every club in this range comes fitted as standard with the Arccos 360 Sensor and Cobra CONNECT Technology. This awesome tech sits in the butt of the grip of each club, and is linked with an app on your phone to track every shot you hit. This was previously available in the driver, but now in every club you can see how far you are hitting your shots, as well as tracking in extreme detail how you worked your way around the course. Using Arccos can improve your game, and how you think about your rounds, amazingly well, although I will personally be using it mainly to prove I can outdrive my mates, and also to remind me how many provisionals I have had to hit...Cobra-Connect

When you purchase the set of irons, Cobra are kind enough to send you spare Arcoss units to go in the rest of your clubs, regardless of whether they are Cobra F8 or not, allowing a "fully connected experience".

Time will tell whether this technology will catch on and become industry standard, but Cobra have definitely made a bold step towards the technological future of modern golf.